Performance technology

Our performance technology solutions range from heart-rate effort tracking systems to integrated hardware and software solutions for measuring athletic performance. Whatever you are looking for, we can provide you with a complete performance measuring and tracking ecosystem.

Velocity based training

Velocity Based Training (VBT) gives you clear insight into how you’re lifting, not just what you’re lifting. VBT is a contemporary method of measuring and prescribing strength training. It is effective for training power, strength or speed and has been used in the weights rooms of professional and Olympic athletes for decades.  

Heart rate training

Heart rate training is an increasingly popular tool used to track physical activity and calories burned. Delivered through wearable technology, gym goers can monitor their training intensity and get greater engagement when setting fitness goals. The level to which heart rate training is integrated into the training space will increase the effectiveness and the uptake from the end users.

Flywheel training

Flywheel training is a strength training mode that offers the possibility of performing exercises with eccentric overload and variable resistance compared to traditional strength training which is gravity-based. The principle is equivalent to that of a traditional yoyo device. The kinetic energy loaded in the flywheel in the concentric phase of the motion determines the force needed in the eccentric phase.


We have begun to focus our manufacturing more on integrating the above performance technology within our racks, rigs and gym designs for modern training spaces.

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