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OX2 Rack Mount Rope Trainer

£3,023.79 Ex. VAT

Ropeflex machines deliver the benefits of both isokinetic and aerobic exercise. Our rope-pulling machines are based on simple, time-proven principles of rope climbing while reducing the risk of this traditionally dangerous activity to nearly zero. Individuals of any age and athletic ability can benefit from our unique rope technology safely and comfortably.

Ropeflex machines are based on maintenance-free magnetic technology. Our continuously adjusting resistance mechanism causes the rope pulling difficulty to increase with the rope pulling speed. Our patent pending technology allows you to customise the workout to match your fitness goals. Initial tesion can start as low as 4kg and go up to 45kg (on some models) for performance athletes or those who want to maximise resistance training.

Our rope pulling machines were designed with usability and flexibiity in mind. All machines come with instructions and illustrations of multiple exercises to maximise workout efficiency. Our high quality ropes allow a comfortable grip, limiting friction and slipping during the exercise activity.

SKU RX-2100 Category



• Safe alternative to ceiling rope - beam mountable rope trainer drum
• Durable, compact construction design to attach to existing racks
• Soft-braided rope for easy and comfortable grip
• Magnetic / bidirectional mechanism with automatically adjustable resistance
• Pull resistance ranging from 4kg-45kg
• Available sealed outdoor configuration

Length: 330mm

Width: 330mm

Height: 410mm

Weight: 20kg



Indigo Fitness Manufacturer Warranty

Lifetime Structural / 2 Years Parts

This is a Limited Commercial Warranty: Framework (structural steel and welds) warranted for life against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use. We further warrant components, ie. Pulleys, cams, bearings, cables and all other transmission components for 2 years. Warranty does not cover upholstery, protective coverings or paintwork. All warranty parts shipped free of charge. Warranty extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Warranty is voided by evidence of intentional negligent misuse of the equipment in shipping, storage or use. The warranty is also voided if equipment has been modified, altered, or contains parts that are not supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.

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