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RAZE 15kg ‘Elite’ Solid Rubber Plate

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Olympic lifting is a highly technical discipline that requires skill, power, strength and speed.  To do it right takes the right equipment.

RAZE solid rubber plates are made with a precision, attention to detail and quality of material you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Through meticulous research, development, testing and refinement, we have determined that each weight of plate needs to have its own special blend of rubber compound to ensure it has the correct structural integrity and strength to withstand the rigours of being repeatedly dropped.  To safeguard the recipe and guarantee the quality the secret rubber compounds are mixed ‘on-site’ at our factory, and before production begins each compound is tested to make sure it meets the exact requirements and specifications.

Every single plate is weighed at two separate points during the production process to ensure it is within specified limits, then at the end of the production cycle a selection of plates are drop tested up to thirty thousand times, just for good measure!

  • When only the best will do look no further than the RAZE Elite plates.  Manufactured to be as close to the IWF standard as possible, these plates feature a large solid steel centre hub which effectively allows the plates to be  narrower than the Black or Premium Series plates while still maintaining a high level of durability – ultimately meaning you can load much more  weight onto the bar.
  • Each weight is a different colour for easy weight identification, in-line with the IWF colour specifications
  • During the production process the weight of each plate is calibrated to within a tolerance of +/- 0.5%.

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Weight15 kg

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