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RAZE Multi-Grip Bar

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The Multi-Grip bar from RAZE optimises upper body pressing while supporting shoulder health & tricep strength.

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The Multi-Grip bar from Raze strength allows for a neutral grip when training the upper body. With 3 knurled grip options to choose from allows you to find the most comfortable for you. During pressing movements the neutral grip options move focus from the shoulders to the triceps, supporting shoulder health & strengthening the triceps. For complete upper body training whilst staying healthy this bar is a must.


• Optimises pressing and rowing upper body variations
• Reduces stress on the shoulders during pressing movements
• Grip options are: 145, 410, 675mm apart (centres)
• Complete mild steel & welded construction
• 415mm of loadable weight holder space
• Fully Knurled handles & rackable in a standard power rack
• Textured Powder coated finish

Length: 2200mm

Width: 80mm

Height: 200mm

Weight: 20kg

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Weight20 kg

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