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Many generations have been brought up on the physically arduous, yet rewarding exertions of baling.

Baling is a multi joint exercise, encompasses elements of dead lifting, power cleans, and clean and press. Moving bales correctly requires power, technique, control and muscle endurance. So we’ve brought it out of the fields and into the gym!

Available in 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg

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£347.58 Ex. VAT
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• Constructed from multi-layered foam of varying thicknesses and density the PWR Bale is a ‘soft’ product, and is covered in a hard-wearing wipe clean vinyl, so it’s ideal for use on the gym floor.
• The long rectangular shape and proportions of the PWR Bale require a unique lifting technique that cannot be replicated in any other object.
• The alignment of the parallel straps directly replicate the string bindings found on an actual hay bale.
• Lifting the bale requires controlled handling of the weight across a variety of planes
• The PWR Bale can also be flipped over and used as a plyo box

Example Exercises

Bale Carries
Bale Pulls
Bale Toss
Bale Flips
One-Legged Squats

Incline Squat Thrusts
Single Arm Drags
Dead Lifts
Push and Pulls
Elevated Press Ups

Tricep Dips
Shoulder Press
Leg Astrides
Plyometric Jumps
Sit Up To Standing

Farmer’s Walk
Upright Rows
Bench Press (with Bale)
Bench Press (with DB)
Gate Vaults
Also great for partnered workouts

Length: 910mm

Width: 450mm

Height: 350mm


RAZE Warranty

Indigo Fitness Manufacturer Warranty

Lifetime Structural / 2 Years Parts

This is a Limited Commercial Warranty: Framework (structural steel and welds) warranted for life against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use. We further warrant components, ie. Pulleys, cams, bearings, cables and all other transmission components for 2 years. Warranty does not cover upholstery, protective coverings or paintwork. All warranty parts shipped free of charge. Warranty extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Warranty is voided by evidence of intentional negligent misuse of the equipment in shipping, storage or use. The warranty is also voided if equipment has been modified, altered, or contains parts that are not supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.



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