An Atlas Stone Unlike Others

Introducing the all new RAZE PWR Stones. This alternative take on the atlas stone brings the old school strength training of strongman to the gyms of the people. It’s time to step up and diversify your training routine with these durable atlas stones.

No matter your background, your experience or your fitness level, PWR Stones are simple to use and comfortable. Never before have atlas stones been so easy to use.

Atlas Stones to Suit You

We can’t all have the strength of Vikings, but you can train like a strongman with these rubberized atlas stones. Choose from a variety of weights from 10kg to 35kg. You can even special order PWR Stones up to 90kg.

Choose your weight and get going! Due to their unique materials and structure you can use these (atlas stone style) weights in a wide range of new exercises without damaging them. We’d go as far to say they’re virtually indestructible.

Train explosive strength by throwing. Put a twist on a classic squat. Change the way you lift, and don’t be afraid to drop, slam and bounce them.

collection of rubber atlas stone for weight training

Made For The Everyday

The RAZE PWR Stones use a high-quality construction featuring a hard wearing propriety rubber compound, meaning that as well as being very hard-wearing they are also comfortable and accessible.

Often commercial atlas stones were just that… stones, requiring a dedicated area within a gym devoted to protecting the floor if they were dropped. The PWR Stone eliminates this need as you never have to worry about damage to gym flooring, they’re a safe and clean way to get an all body workout indoor and outdoor.

Ready to PWR Up Your Workout?