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MakeGoodGrow is the IndigoFitness window to demonstrate the tangible impact we deliver to support Social value as part of our ESG Strategy.

As a UK manufacturing company in the fitness industry Indigofitness not only wants to provide its customers with high-quality fitness equipment and exercise environments, but it also wants to promote a healthier lifestyle and encourage people to pursue fitness activities regularly. By supporting fitness or sporting related events, individuals or teams, Military Veterans, recovery and disability sport the company can show that it cares about overall well-being and the broader community.
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Strong narratives behind supporting the Indigofitness social value strategy are 4 pillars:


Championing a healthy lifestyle: By supporting fitness Indigo can promote a healthier lifestyle for its customers and stakeholders. This message resonates well as it shows that the brand cares about health and overall wellness, and we want create a stronger bond with all stakeholders.


Promoting an active community: We can help to promote a more active culture within the broader community by supporting events and competitions. It encourages people to get involved in healthy activities, such as sports and fitness, and build a stronger community spirit.


Strengthening brand identity: Support will strengthen the Indigofitness brand’s identity, as it will be associated with healthier lifestyles. Customers are more likely to trust a brand that has a strong social value strategy, and this will help the company to build loyalty and a positive reputation.


Creating business opportunities: The company can benefit from supporting fitness or sporting events or teams by creating new business opportunities. For instance, it can supply equipment or services, or it can leverage partnerships to benefit all.

As an adventurous business full of individuals with a strong set of values we want to build a better future. At Indigofitness we believe in the power of businesses to create positive change and so we integrate this philosophy into our investment decisions. This journey has led us to embrace an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy as our guiding light.

Among the pillars of our ESG strategy, social value stands tall and proud. It represents the deep-rooted importance of fostering social well-being and treating stakeholders with fairness and respect. We believe that businesses have a responsibility beyond profits, and should drive meaningful impact in the communities they inhabit.

We recognize that societal well-being is a cornerstone of sustainable development, both for the present and the future generations. By supporting social equality, diversity, and human rights, we can help to uplift marginalized communities, empower individuals, and contribute to positive change.

This journey will not be without its challenges. We face both customers and competitors with scepticism and resistance who believe that a business’s sole purpose is to generate financial returns. We believe when businesses align their goals with social value, they create stronger and more resilient ventures. We understand that investing in firms that prioritize fair employment practices, community development, and ethical sourcing can lead to long-term success, as trust and loyalty among stakeholders are cultivated.

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Our Social Impact In Numbers

Through our commitment to social value, we will witness transformational stories of change. We want to be invested in companies that champion gender equality and women’s empowerment, providing them with opportunities previously denied. We support organizations that focus on education and skill-building, empowering communities to become self-sustainable. Indigofitness is a business that embraces the true spirit of inclusivity, creating a workplace that celebrates diversity and fosters innovation.

As time goes on, the impact of our ESG strategy will become evident. As a significant UK manufacturer in the Fitness industry we are leading the charge in addressing change. We want our stakeholders, competitors and customers to look at us for inspiration and guidance, realizing that social value is not just a buzzword, but an essential element of sustainable development.

In the end, the power of social value within an ESG strategy will be proved indisputable. It will illuminate the path to an equitable and prosperous future, where businesses and societies thrive side by side.

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