Getting a training space right is important to us, but it’s essential to you. It can be the difference between a good workout and a great one, the magic ingredient that gives new members the feeling that they have come to exactly the right place. The ideal first impression.

A well designed gym space is effortless, it just feels right. It flows from one area to the next, with your members instinctively knowing what each area is for and what kind of training they should be doing. So how do we go about creating a training space like this?

How It Works



360° Visual Walkthrough


New Brochures for 2018

New Brochures for 2018


A Collaborative Approach

We like to work together. Yes, we have years and years of experience and have designed hundreds of training spaces, but the most important ingredient is you and your ideas. What do you want your training space to deliver? How do you want it to feel? So, we’ll sit down and talk – you can bring along your ideas and visions and we can bring our experiences of what works well, and also what doesn’t work so well.

We’ll also need to discuss the technical details of the training space – room dimensions, flooring and wall specifications. We’re happy to come out and visit your site with a tape measure and see first-hand how you can get the most out of it.


Once we have a good understanding of your goals and ambitions, along with the technical elements of the space, our designers will begin to plan it out, starting with training areas and flooring types, before moving into equipment mix. This is all presented as a series of 2D and 3D plans, along with detailed equipment listing.

It’s great to see your ideas laid out in this way and often throws up a few things you hadn’t thought about or might prompt you to make some changes to layout or equipment.


Once you are happy with your layout we can move onto a full video walk-though, created using the latest in design software. This will give you a true feeling of how the space will feel and perform, allowing you to get right in amongst the equipment and be fully confident that the training space is just right. The WOW factor from these videos can even help with funding and membership pre-sales.


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