An Accurate and Engaging Way to Track Effort

Uptivo syncs with most Bluetooth band heart rate monitors, allowing simple integration with pre-existing equipment. The device provide real-time feedback to trainers, individuals and clubs about a persons heart-rate, duration and more.

Syncing data to a central app allows information to be shared and benchmark against previous data. Finally a way to you easily see your progress and feel more involved in all of the exercise you do!

Real-time training monitoring makes courses competitive and engaging and boosts trainees’ motivation while building a collaborative environment. Each response is tailored to the individuals health and so helps to push them to where they should be.

It’s time for an effective way to motivate and engage!



More Features

Real-time feedback

With live streaming of efforts and key performance indicators courses are made more engaging and motivational. Boosting competitiveness between trainees’ whilst creating a “one-for-all” collaborative environment.

This efficient way of tracking heart rates allows trainers themselves to monitor effort levels and correctly adjust training methods to help curate the right type of training for those seeking to reach their fitness goals!

Know thyself

Every session has an end but that doesn’t stop Uptivo. Our app and website provide each individual with tailored reports on how they are progressing and what they can do to improve each and every time they exercise.

The fitness tracking app shows easy to follow reports for trainers to know the results of each session they carry out. Also, emails can be sent to attendees to recap their fitness class or training session.

Integration with heart rate (HR) monitors

The Uptivo system easily integrates with mainstream Bluetooth Smart fitness devices becoming their training partner in all club areas, such as group training areas, indoor spinning classes, functional training zones, cardio zones, etc.

If you are looking to start from the ground up, Uptivo offers the perfect tracking band! Supporting the 3 main transmission standards the band is fit for all to get fit.

Training journal and customer-specific reports

All our trainers or trainees can review daily, weekly and monthly training reports. The trainers can have all the information they require at their fingertips, used to motivate and understand the individual in the group! Also, receive information on past training sessions and ideas on how to new exercises to do either at the gym or at home and finally reach your training targets with Uptivo.

Fitness Tracking On The Go

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