Uptivo is an innovative digital fitness platform with accurate and engaging heart-rate and effort tracking

Uptivo helps fitness professionals make their clubs enjoyable and motivational. It provides accurate cardio frequency-based effort tracking to monitor both individual and group training sessions.


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Real-time feedback

Real-time training monitoring makes courses competitive and engaging and boosts trainees’ motivation while building a collaborative environment. By leveraging the cardio frequencies displayed on the screen, coaches can monitor trainees’ effort levels during each session and can step in as needed to adjust the lesson’s pace.

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Know thyself

As soon as the lesson is over, Uptivo provides individual online reports for every trainee as well as a general report for the trainer with all relevant information on the last training session. Uptivo also sends a recap email to all lesson attendees.

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Integration with heart rate (HR) monitors

With Uptivo, replacing member’s current heart rate sensors is not necessary. Uptivo integrates with mainstream Bluetooth Smart fitness devices and easily becomes their training partner in all club areas, such as group training areas, indoor spinning classes, functional training zones, cardio zones, etc. For clubs looking for a heart rate sensor with no compromises, Uptivo Belt supports all three major transmission standards.

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using u[tivo heart rate tracking app and report

Training journal and customer-specific reports

All Uptivo users can review daily, weekly, and monthly training reports online. Coaches have all the necessary information at their disposal to motivate trainees, provide feedback on past training sessions, and introduce new activities to be performed at the club or at home in order to reach individual training targets.

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A Complete Fitness Club Ecosystem

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