Velocity Based Training

Getting Started with Velocity Based Training

Velocity Based Training (VBT) gives you clear insight into how you’re lifting, not just what you’re lifting. VBT is a contemporary method of measuring and prescribing strength training. It is effective for training power, strength or speed and has been used in the weights rooms of professional and Olympic athletes for decades.  

GymAware is the global leader in Velocity Based Training (VBT) solutions. They make premium technologies to measure and track strength training activities in the weights room to facilitate performance improvement.

The Velocity Zones

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 Which GYmAware Is Right For Your gym?

Remove the guesswork; use GymAware velocity products to determine load, optimise and individualise your athletes strength training. 

outdoor gym equipment
outdoor gym equipment
outdoor gym equipment

GymAware FLEX

Intuitive and affordable VBT technology for teams and individuals at all levels and budgets.

FLEX is for anyone ready to take their training to the next level. Train better, avoid injury and track progress with reliable accuracy using the same metrics and training methods as elite athletes.

FLEX attaches to the end of your barbell and automatically tracks every rep. Giving you key performance metrics; velocity, power, barbell distance, path and movement and fits in even the most overcrowded gym bag.

Measure Velocity, Track Your Progress and Compare Results.

GymAware RS

The  PowerTool is considered the gold standard in VBT hardware and is designed to seamlessly integrate into group training.  Delivering precision metrics for coaching staff, researchers and elite athletes.

The PowerTool automatically detects bar movement allowing athletes to drive the technology leaving coaches free to coach.

Motivate your athletes to perform at their best by providing instant feedback in the weight room. Display the Leader-board on a big screen to create a competitive environment and real intent to lift.

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