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Location: Caterham, Surrey
Training Space: Independent School

Caterham School in Surrey, is renowned as a top-tier independent institution in the UK. Caterham places a distinct focus on facilities that matter, enabling the best teaching and learning to take place. In alignment with this commitment, IndigoFitness were challenged to create one of the finest independent school training spaces in the country.

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The Situation

Already boasting some fantastic sporting facilities, Caterham aimed to increase their sporting aspirations with a redevelopment of an existing sports centre. This would see a whole host of additions and revamps including; brand new reception & cafeteria, re-vamp of their sports hall, new infrastructure to oversee the AstroTurf & grass pitches for spectators to view from a  gallery and finally an extension and complete revision of their strength and conditioning facility.

The schools ambition is to provide one of the UK’s best youth athlete development programmes, providing children a platform to learn, apply and achieve at all levels of sport, across multiple sports.

IndigoFitness embraced the challenge to create a space that not only met but exceeded the school’s vision, considering physical literacy and teaching perspectives.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with key stakeholders and the Head of Athletic Development, Daniel Mays. IndigoFitness designed a two-floor facility which seamlessly met Caterham School’s key criteria.

Gym Flooring Mastery

The facility was built on a performance gym floor across both levels to future proof and provide training versatility. Dura-train performance gym flooring tiles not only managed acoustics but also provided a sleek and seamless finish. The school opted for a sports carpet spanning the length of the facility, this provided a space for sprints, plyometrics, and sled usage.

Innovative Design

Downstairs, the strength and conditioning space incorporated innovative solutions.

The client wanted both open floor space in addition to access of a range of apparatus, therefore the main design challenge would be to ensure all kit requirements were met without making the room feel cramped through inclusion of large foot-print equipment. This was achieved in a number of ways, primarily IndigoFitness took the structural challenges within the room (Pillars) and wrapped both storage and cable systems around them to make them a feature in the space. Other bespoke storage solutions included, barbell storage and attachment storage in the racks enabled a home for all items keeping the floor space clutter free.

Upstairs on the mezzanine, a variety of conditioning options were introduced catering to both students and the public during off-school hours. The commercialisation of the gym meant there was also a need for pin-loaded items to appease this popular training method. Leg press, lat-pull down, chest press and shoulder press, all of which included the yellow moving part theme to help with inductions.

A standout within the space is the bespoke & custom RAZE dual pulley, lat pull-low row & storage system which sits centre in the room and showcases attention to detail. The brief was to have as many working stations on this as possible whilst also providing numerous pull up options which added to the items versatility.


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Clever Use of Colour

Another clever feature within the space was the use of the Caterham colour scheme. The colour scheme cleverly helps the students identify which parts on the machines are moving or adjustable parts. This was achieved by making all the moving parts a separate colour to the main frame. In this instance, the yellow parts would be adjustable or moving with the black parts being static. This small but important detail helps with student induction and education of the machines. Furthermore the attention to detail within the facility with stainless steel weight indicators on every piece of storage allows students to easily identify where specific pieces belong. Including barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell weight labels, all of which make inductions into the gym simple and ensure everything is replaced after use.

Versatile Equipment Integration

Every aspect of the facility had to be considered to maximise floor space and ultimately ensure it was fit for large numbers of students. All equipment was carefully planned and products integrated where possible. An example of this being the RAZE Zenith Full Racks where clever attachments such as; prone row benches, grapplers, dip stations and band pegs in addition to storage solutions for gym balls, fractional plates and barbells make for a really versatile area within the gym. The racks were also connected to provide a space for TRX or rings to be used, providing a working space where traditionally may have been dead space.

Personalised Brand Aesthetics

Personalisation through use of the Caterham brand was an important visual throughout. Frames & upholstery boasting the school name, emblem and yellow and black colour scheme. Bespoke inset lifting platforms with the school emblem. Finally custom dumbbells and bumper plates really finished the facility off giving it a really unique and high-end finish.

Caterham School 073
Caterham School 106

Flooring Solutions:


Bespoke inset graphix lifting platforms


DuraTRAIN rubber gym flooring performance tiles


Custom 3m x 18m sports carpet

Equipment Solutions:


Custom & connected RAZE Zenith Full Racks


Rack attachments: Prone Row, Adjustable Dip, Grappler


Custom & bespoke storage systems


Bespoke & custom dual pulley, lat pull – low row and storage system with custom pull up options


Custom Dumbbells & Bumper Plates


RAZE Strength equipment – including Bi-lateral leg press, Seated row, Chest press, GHD, Barbells; 20kg, 15kg, 10kg, Angle multi-grip bar, Hex Bar and S&C Kit.


Woodway 4Front treadmills, Concept2 SkiErg & RowErg, Wattbike Pro & Keiser M5 Strider

The Result

Caterham School now boasts a leading-edge strength and conditioning facility, aligning with their goal of offering one of the best youth athlete development programmes in the UK. The versatile facility supports large group sessions seamlessly, providing exposure to world-class facilities for aspiring athletes. Additionally, it serves as a commercial offering, open to the public, acting as a revenue driver to support future initiatives. The revamped sports centre is set to attract future students, enhancing Caterham’s brand and competitiveness among independent schools.

Hear from head of athletic development at Caterham School

What do Caterham School look for when selecting suppliers?

We select suppliers who offer a diverse range and depth of high-quality equipment.
Also, the opportunity to have customisable equipment is key, both in terms of layout and maximising space but also in reflecting our school’s identity and branding.

What challenges were IndigoFitness able to help you overcome?

IndigoFitness played a crucial role in tackling our challenges, particularly in creating integrated storage solutions and optimising floor space.
We have a number of pupils using the gym space at the same time, so that was a key part of the design process.
Designing custom equipment around unique features ensured we created a functional training space rather than having dead floor space.

How did IndigoFitness help you overcome the structural issues & maximise the space available?

IndigoFitness excelled in overcoming structural challenges.
We have features like columns and pillars that were there for structural reasons.
The designer was able to utilise these features, transforming potential dead space into functional storage.
Indigo crafted a bespoke cable unit that wrapped around an air vent duct, ensuring every inch of space was utilised for functional space.

How was the process of working with IndigoFitness?

Working with IndigoFitness was positive from the initial conversations.
They actively listened to and understood the school’s vision for the space.
Through a series of design iterations, they were accommodating and patient, ultimately delivering a design that maximised the utility of the space.

How will this new training space impact Caterham School?

The new training space has already made a significant positive impact on our sports provision.
It benefits the entire school, from academic and curriculum P.E. programs to our aspiring sports performers, gaining confidence in the space.
They now have access to a wide range of equipment they wouldn’t have had access to before, boosting their confidence and performance.

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