Training Space Design

Planning and creating the right training space is important as it can be the difference between a good workout and a great one. It’s the magic ingredient behind designing a gym that gives new members the feeling that they have come to exactly the right place.

With Indigo Fitness getting the right feeling Gym Design is effortless. Every training space created ensures each area flows to the next and ensures your members instinctively know what each area is for and what kind of training they should be doing.

Keep scrolling to see each step we take to bring your gym to life.

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How do we do it?

We Talk

We Plan

We Show

We Create

We Talk About Your Space

Creating your ideal training space means working closely together to share ideas, inspiration. We want to know, what do you want your training space to deliver? How do you want it to feel? So, we’ll sit down and talk – you can bring along your ideas and visions and we can bring our 20 years of gym design experiences of what works well, and also what doesn’t.

We’d also need to know all of the details you have of the training space – room dimensions, flooring and wall specifications. We’re happy to come out and visit your site with a tape measure and see first-hand how you can get the most out of it.

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We Plan Every Detail

Once we have a good understanding of your goals and ambitions, along with the technical elements of the space, our designers will begin to plan out your new gym.

  1. Flooring: We always start with the flooring. We really do believe it’s the most critical element to get right, and to get right first time – mistakes here can be costly and time consuming to correct at a later date. You also don’t need the same flooring type throughout the whole space – the type of flooring dictates what the space will be used for, so a varied training space needs varied flooring surfaces. This not only allows the most suitable flooring throughout each area of your training space, but will also give each area strong visual differentiation, really helping to create that WOW factor.
  2. Equipment: Training equipment mix and location is key to making sure your members can get the most out of their workout. We’ll consider positioning and orientation of hero pieces, space to move as well as space to train and adequate storage – something that’s frequently overlooked, but a tidy gym is a safe and effective one so we’ll make sure everything is in it’s right place!

We Show You Your Gym

We use industry leading software to present scale plans of your training space. This can be both top down 2D plans and full colour 3D images. We can even add in wall colours and textures and add your branding, to make it look as realistic as possible.

It’s great to see your ideas for your gym laid out in this way and often throws up a few things you might not have thought about, prompting you to make some changes to layout or equipment – which really is the whole point! Changing things at this stage of the process takes very little time and costs nothing.

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360° Design Walkthrough

We Create Your New Gym

The final and most important piece of the process, where all the visions, ideas and visuals are brought to life. Our team of professional installers will complete the whole thing – from laying the various flooring types, to unwrapping, building and positioning all the equipment, taking care of any floor or wall fixings along the way.

Our final checks process ensures your new training space is clean, tidy and fully operational – taking away all the hassle and leaving you to focus on what you do best.

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