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Gym flooring is the foundation of your facility; it literally underpins everything you will do in your gym, but it’s an area that’s often overlooked. When designing a training space, we always approach it from the ground up, floor first. Getting your gym flooring right will set the tone for the rest of your space and allow you to build a safe and effective environment.

And we really do believe it’s the most critical element to get right first time. Mistakes with flooring can be costly, complicated, and time-consuming to correct once your gym is open and operational.

To help you select the most appropriate flooring types and installation methods, we offer professional site surveys and installation services. We work with some of the best brands and products in the industry that between them offer a broad and balanced portfolio of products and solutions, catering for every flooring need.


Gym flooring considerations

There are many things to think about when choosing your gym flooring. Below are three key things to consider, and we have products and solution for every one of them.

Visual Impact

As well as a technically correct flooring solution, you also want to consider how you want the flooring to look – do you want it to stand out and make an impact, carrying your logo or colour scheme, or maybe fall into the background as you want the equipment to stand out more? You can also use colours and marking to create different training zones. Out team will guide the way…

Training Style

It’s unlikely you’ll need the same flooring throughout your whole training space – the type of flooring dictates what the space can be used for, and a varied training space needs varied flooring surfaces. For example, strength training and free weight areas will need something to absorb impact and reduce noise and vibrations, while functional areas will need a non-slip with the ability to add floor graphics. Our expert team can take you through the options and help you select the most appropriate solutions.

Sound Reduction

With mixed-use buildings now the norm the reduction of audible structure-borne sounds is vitally important and, understanding the design and science of sound is an essential component to any gym design. The most important consideration is how sound, and energy will travel within your gym. Our experienced flooring consultants can conduct on-site tests and advise on the correct solution to achieve the correct acoustic results.

Specialist Gym Flooring Advice

As well as advising on types and styles of gym flooring, we are also able to offer guidance and support on wider flooring subjects such as sub-floor construction, preparation, screed and levelling compound types, and alternative methods to prepare or stabilise floors.

We’re happy to be brought in during the very early planning stages of a project, working with you and your construction partners, to ensure you get the correct solution.

gym flooring

Gym flooring products provided and installed by indigofitness

duratrain gym flooring

Virtually indestructible, duraTRAIN rubber fitness flooring tiles are designed for a range of applications, from heavy use weight rooms to high impact health clubs. The result of extensive testing, engineering and a patented three-stage compression molding process, duraTRAIN tiles are backed by a best in industry limited time warranty.


  • High performance fitness flooring
  • Superior sound attenuation & shock insulation
  • Tight seam lines provide superior aesthetics
  • Tested for over 400,000 repeated impacts with a 360kf blunt force
  • Maintenance free
gym flooring
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gym flooring
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gym flooring by durasound

Dramatically reduce the disruptive noise and vibrations of gym equipment with duraSOUND rubber acoustic fitness tiles. Designed to dissipate energy for a better acoustical experience for both you and your and neighbouring businesses. DuraSOUND rubber acoustic fitness tiles are performance-engineered to control vibrations, minimise low-frequency impact noise, and reduce the transmission of sound by up to 38 decibels (dB)!

paviflex gym flooring

Produced in Spain with a high density powerful non-marking virgin rubber, PaviFLEX flooring is so elastic that will return the energy of the impact and will reduce the risk of injuries when training. It is waterproof, very easy to clean and maintain, and the installation is really easy, just puzzle interlock the tiles on a clean and plain surface, you do not need to glue.

PaviFLEX is fully customisable in a wide range of colours, finishes, and functional markings. Markings are inserted into the tiles, not printed, so they will never wear out.

Quality gym flooring installation

To help with final decisions we’ll send you flooring samples, so you can check textures and colours to make sure everything looks and feels just right. Then, when it’s time for the installation, you can rest assured your flooring will be fitted to a high standard by professional, qualified, and experienced installers, guaranteeing a high standard of fitting and a quality result.

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