The British Army’s 16 Air Assault Brigade, based at the Colchester garrison, is the Army’s rapid response airborne formation and is the only brigade in the British Army focused on delivering air assault operations. Formed around the legendary Parachute Regiment Battalions, the Paras are amongst the fittest, toughest, most feared and most respected soldiers in the world.

The Situation

The brief for their new training space was twofold; to design a highly customised strength and conditioning environment which would meet the needs of this elite unit, and additionally would also meet the requirements of the new Army Physical Training System (APTS).

The training space would need enough equipment and variations to accommodate a company strength (anything from 80-150 soldiers), though, came with a major constraint that the entire solution could not be permanently fixed in place – everything needed the ability to be rapidly broken down and moved out, even the flooring and training platforms.

Indigo Fitness were selected as the most capable supplier for this challenging task by Regional Command, on behalf of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.

The Solution

With the challenge set, the Indigo design team got to work and created a series of heavy duty fabricated structural sub-frames. These frames accommodated 3 separate flooring areas; a 4m x 25m turf lane, a 30m x 3.5m lifting zone with duraTRAIN tiles and integrated platforms, and a 12m x 4m training rig zone with duraTRAIN tiles. The frames were created in sections that locked together, which meant they could also be quickly and easily dis-assembled. In addition, fourteen wheeled and locking equipment trollies were designed to store and control small equipment. RAZE Renegade air bikes and rowers were added as they are easy to move around the training space and don’t require mains power. To create a sense of identity for the training space, the Brigade’s Pegasus emblem was sub-surface printed into the fourteen graphix lifting platform centres, a technique guaranteed to protect the logo from wear.

The Success

The final solution is a fantastically diverse, effective, and functional training space, designed to exclusively meet the needs of 16 Air Assault Brigade. To have been entrusted with the design, manufacture, and delivery of this solution was both a challenge and an honour for the Indigo team.
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