IndigoFitness work with Martyn Ford to create amazing functional training space

Martyn Ford is a 320 lbs, 6’8″ bodybuilder, actor, and MMA fighter. His recent films include Boyka: Undisputed (2016); Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017); Redcon-1 (2018); and he will be in the new Fast & Furious 9 when it’s released in 2021.

IndigoFitness helped Martyn create a new functional training space to help with his preparations for film roles and his return to MMA!

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The Situation

This project was first and foremost about helping Martyn create the training facility of his dreams. A gym that had the functionality to deliver the type and style of training Martyn needed at any given time, whether that be bulking up, trimming down, or getting mobile.

He presented us with an amazing 165m2 industrial space – a blank canvas with fantastic light, high ceilings, and original features, and challenged us to provide the most functional performance training space possible.


With gym design we always start from the ground up – determining what the space will be used for allows us to select to correct flooring type – and getting the flooring right is crucial to the success of any training space.
With the space being so large we were able to create a few different training ‘zones’, each with their own flooring solution, but all integrated so the finished floor appears as one seamless surface. The centre-piece is a custom marked and branded 18m x 2m turf track, which is ideal for sled work, tyre flips, and speed and agility work. Surrounding the track is an area of 32mm duraTRAIN premium flooring tiles, which is perfect for strength training and Olympic lifting, and in this we integrated two custom branded ‘Graphix’ lifting platforms. Finally, we also have an area of PaviFLEX tatamiPRO tiles for stretching and rehabilitation exercises.

In terms of equipment, we decided the best use of space would be to create a structure along-one side of the room. Using the s10 range as a base, we custom designed a system to incorporate all the training elements of a functional rig / power racks / high rope climb / cable system / and equipment storage.

This 18m long super structure really is the hub of the whole facility. It houses two power racks for all of Martyn’s heavy lifting sessions, and a functional rig with a monkey bar run and numerous attachments for when Martyn wants to switch his sessions up. A high rope climb and Olympic rings section really makes the most of the amazing height available, and the dual pulley system adds an extra training dimension. Storage for small equipment is incorporated along the whole length and really does mean that this custom unit ticks every possible box.

A custom storage unit services the rehabilitation and stretching area on the other side of the facility, and also along this side is the full RAZE Renegade HIIT cardio range of Runner, Rower and Bike.

The Success

This was a great project to work on, and one that really allowed our gym and product design teams to get creative and deliver a truly stunning solution. After seeing the space Martyn said “The complete work out solution that was provided to me from Indigo Fitness has been revolutionary in my training, and helped me so much with my fitness work in preparation for my projects coming up.

The carefully designed application of stations makes workouts an absolute joy, while challenging everytime. Not only does the lay out of the stations make it near impossible to repeat the same workout twice, with endless options, it never fails to excite me with new prospects. Top that off with the best feeling and functioning cable machine ive ever used, and you have an elite piece of equipment for everyone.”

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