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Location: Broadstairs, England
Training Space: Commercial Fitness
Website: www.justfitnessgyms.co.uk

Introducing the UK’s first collar-free gym facility, Just Fitness by Bannatyne. Just Fitness by Bannatyne is a brand new sub-brand within the Bannatyne group that focuses on a high-quality, budget-friendly gym experience. IndigoFitness carefully created a captivating focal point on the gym floor for group training and functional workouts.

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The Situation

The aim of this project was to create a show-stopping central group training space for the gym floor to run their new ‘TEMPO’ classes. Offering members a cutting-edge group training experience. Beyond hosting classes, the functional space aims to ensure continuous member engagement and usage during non-class hours. The designs considered versatile equipment layouts, functional zones, and engaging elements that encourage members to explore and utilise the area for individual workouts, adopting a vibrant and active gym floor.

An innovative and ambitious aspect of this project was the vision to create the UK’s first collar-free gym facility. By replacing traditional barbells and external collars with Gungnir barbells and built-collar, Just Fitness aim to provide an effortless transition, to an improved and progressive member experience.

    The Solution

    By closely aligning with Bannatyne’s vision and understanding their specific goals, we brought the group training space concept to life. We meticulously designed and manufactured functional, branded, and visually appealing gym solutions that precisely met their requirements.

    From the ground up, we created a striking brand moment, we installed custom PaviFLEX Premium TurFlex in Black with red markings and white Just Fitness by Bannatyne logo. The custom turf is 12 x 9m with 6 3x3m boxes on 2 sides and 3 9m long turf tracks for sled work.

    For the functional group training area, we integrated 3 RAZE Shadow Series back-to-back half racks with raised platforms, featuring custom graphix centers on one side and premium turf on the other. These racks are linked with storage bays, allowing seamless access to equipment during workouts. The turf side of the racks also features wallball targets to complement the training experience.

    We also designed 3 custom functional storage bays. Each bay features fold-down adjustable benches, punchbag arms equipped with Carbon claw water bags, pull-up and suspension bars, and ample storage for small equipment used in each station. Mesh panels separate each workstation, providing a focused and organised training area. To enhance strength and conditioning training, we included 3 dog sleds and 3 renegade runners, one for each lane.

    Finally, we established the UK’s first collar-free gym facility, positioning Just Fitness as a trailblazing and innovative fitness destination.

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    Flooring Solutions:


    Custom PaviFLEX Premium TurFlex in black with red markings and white logo branding.


    Custom graphix raised platforms

    Equipment Solutions:


    Gungnir collar-free bars: 20kg and 15kg ‘The Allrounder’ Olympic bars, ‘The Curler’ EZ curl bars and Open deadlift bars.


    Custom RAZE functional storage bays with fold down adjustable benches, punchbag arm with Carbon claw water bags, pull up and suspension bars, storage for all small equipment.

    The Result

    Our solutions resulted in a concept that adds a new dimension to Bannatyne’s brand and elevates the overall fitness space. A true centre piece for the gym which is a major selling point for potential membership and an extremely functional space for everyday use.


    “This new training space is both an evolution and a revolution for how we deliver functional training at Bannatynes.

    We wanted to create a space that is the perfect playground for our members and trainers.

    So that whatever your workout is that you have planned in your head you can come here and that can be faciliated by the great volume

    and diversity of equipment and functional tools that this space provides.”

    Oliver Cox, Head of Fitness Programming, The Bannatyne Group


    What do Bannantyne look for when selecting suppliers & partners?

    When we’re looking for suppliers and partners, we’re looking for people who can offer us great quality products and value is key. But we’re really looking for people we can work with in order to produce a concept and provide the best quality products for our members.

    What challenges were IndigoFitness able to help you overcome?

    Fundamentally, we have a lot of rigs taking up space in our functional training areas. We wanted to move away from the rig and have something that is more dynamic and functional. We had some concepts in our minds that Indigo were able to bring them to life with their expertise. The way frames and modular equipment can be designed and the specification we were looking for was nailed and improved with a lot of the ideas that Indigo brought to us. It was a real mutual piece of work between us to get the finished product.

    How was the process of working with IndigoFitness?

    “The process of working with Indigo I really enjoyed, our first meeting was a number of months ago at a trade show. We then were invited to Indigo’s head office. We had a 4 hour session with them looking around the factory and looking at some of their previous concepts. After that we went out to tender, there was a number of different suppliers we looked at but we were really keen to work with the Indigo team. We followed the series of site visits, meetings to review concepts and redesigns before we came up with the finished product which we’re all delighted with.”

    How was the installation process prior to the gym opening?

    The Indigo team have done the whole of the turf area and all of the equipment that is built on top and used around that. The install was very thorough, great detail, tiny snags recitified quickly. We’re a day out from opening and we’re really excited that the members are going to love what’s on offer, thanks to the install process going so well we have a day to spare.

    How will this new training space impact Just Fitness Bannatyne?

    We’ve come through a really intense 2 week period bringing equipment into the building. The Indigo team have done the whole of the turf area and all of the equipment that is built on top and used around that. The install was very thorough, great detail, tiny snags recitified quickly. We’re a day out from opening and we’re really excited that the members are going to love what’s on offer, thanks to the install going so well we have a day to spare.

    What are the benefits to having a completely collar-free gym?

    “Having the first fully collarless gym in the UK is pretty big for us. We really liked the technology and the innovation that solved a problem that we did’nt know was there. Once you see that you don’t look back. The benefit of having collarless bars throughout the gym floor is both in the ease of use and encouraging greater use of stopping your plates moving off the bar. This benefits safety and convenience, that is evident the moment you use one of these cool bars.”

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