Operation Interflex
Strength & COnditiong

Location: South of England
Training Space: Military
Website: www.gov.uk/government/news

IndigoFitness played a pivotal role in supporting Operation Interflex, the UK’s largest military training effort since the Second World War, aimed at preparing Ukrainian recruits for combat against Russian forces.

The Situation

Operation Interflex, is the codename given to the UK Armed Forces training programme. IndigoFitness were contracted by Landmarc Support Services, who ensure military training estates are safe, effective and sustainable. The project required the designing, manufacturing, and installing of four temporary strength and conditioning shelters across the South of England to facilitate intensive training for Ukrainian soldiers.

The scope encompassed everything from obtaining planning consent to executing ground works, providing power connectivity, building the facilities, and installing electrical systems.

The Solution

IndigoFitness devised a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the project.

The four state-of-the-art temporary strength and conditioning shelters were designed as fully enclosed tensile fabric structures, equipped with canopy roller door access at the front for ease of entry, with infrared heating, and LED lighting.

The units were designed with 20’ ISO containers that featured side openings for convenient access to small equipment and accessories. All containers were 50mm insulated and vented to mitigate condensation build-up. The container floors were fitted with PaviFLEX Eco Rubber for anti-slip protection.

To ensure safety and functionality, the main training area gym flooring included an 80mm floor build using premium duraTRAIN rubber impact tiles, with a centrally positioned galvanized rig fixed to the floor for stability.

The shelters were equipped with a wide array of training equipment, including lifting stations, med ball targets, dipping frames, boxing bag hangers, and various other essentials. Bespoke shelving was incorporated for organised storage of small equipment and accessories.

Flooring Solutions:


PaviFLEX Eco Rubber Gym Flooring


Premium duraTRAIN impact rubber tiles

Equipment Solutions:


Rig functionality included 4x lifting stations.


Med ball targets, Dipping frame, Step-up platform, Boxing bag hangers, High bars for Olympic rings, Pull up stations and Grapplers. 




Bespoke storage solution for small kit.


RAZE Strength equipment – including Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Slam balls, Wall balls, Powerbags™, Foam rollers, Hex Dumbbells, Hex Bar, Metal Plyo Boxes, Boxing Set & Ab Mats.  

The Result

IndigoFitness’ contribution to Operation Interflex has resulted in the creation of flexible training facilities capable of accommodating up to 15 soldiers simultaneously. Positioned within the training environment where Ukrainian recruits reside and train, these shelters play a crucial role in supporting the Common Military Syllabus (CMS) followed by British Army soldier recruits.

IndigoFitness has contributed to the Ukrainian fight against Russian aggression by providing essential training infrastructure. Over 52,000 Ukrainian recruits have been trained by the UK Armed Forces, aided in part by the facilities delivered by IndigoFitness.

IndigoFitness remains proud to have played a part in supporting Ukraine’s defence efforts and contributing to the success of Operation Interflex.

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