Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Academy



Location: Enfield, England
Training Space: Elite sport

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Academy develops talented young footballers from the age of eight to 23 years. IndigoFitness were challenged to create a world-class training facility that aligned with the exceptional standards set by the rest of Tottenham Hotspur facilities, setting the stage for the next generation.

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The Situation

The aim of this project was to create a world class facility designed to accommodate a diverse range of age groups and teams. The training space should also empower training staff with the flexibility to deliver varied sessions effectively. Additionally, they needed multiple gyms, including Performance and Rehabilitation areas, that seamlessly integrated with the club’s protocols for rehabilitation and return to the playing field.

    The Solution

    Our solutions maximised space, flow, and functionality while aligning perfectly with the club’s vision.

    The Performance Gym:

    We designed the gym to compliment the flow of players from the entrance, featuring a custom player card storage unit and designated storage for Prehab/Rehab equipment, streamlining the beginning of each session.

    Our RAZE Shadow Series storage and rack unit fits perfectly within the space hugging the walls to maximise floor space, displaying the club’s motto “TO DARE IS TO DO” and offering organised storage for extensive small equipment.

    A custom double-sided kick wall separates the turf and lifting sections, enhancing space utilisation. Vertimax Raptors attached to the top of the wall offer a unique stimulus for players.

    Two RAZE Zenith rigs span the custom turf area providing functionality and storage without taking away from open floor space. They also boast versatile attachments such as single leg/Nordic, Wall Bars, band attachment points, punchbags, Revvll Rope Trainers, multiple different pull up grip variations, and suspension training.

    Custom throw walls at the end of the turf area, provide additional stations for dynamic training.

    Desmotec and Keiser Functional trainers were seamlessly incorporated into the training, again without impacting the overall functional training space.

    Premium multi-layer impact rubber flooring covered the rack side, while custom premium turf  covered the rest of the gym.

    The Rehab Gym:

    This gym mirrored the Performance Gym with the same multi-layer impact rubber flooring and custom premium turf.

    A Custom RAZE Zenith Rig with intelligent design incorporates a recessed TV and kick/throw wall. The rig spans from wall to wall maintaining a large programmable space below.

    Custom selectorised and plate-loaded RAZE strength equipment including leg press, leg extension/curl combo, Calf Raise, and Ham Glute, along with cardio stations like Wattbikes and RAZE Renegade Bikes, created a comprehensive rehabilitation and conditioning space.

    Double-sided storage units facilitate the organisation of conditioning and functional space, enhancing the gym’s value.

    Flooring Solutions:


    Premium multi-layer impact rubber flooring


    Custom premium turf  

    Equipment Solutions:


    Custom 6m & 8m RAZE Zenith Rigs


    Custom 4m wide kick wall with Raptor integration


    Custom RAZE Shadow Series half rack and storage with custom branding


    Custom Selectorised/Plate Loaded Leg Press, Leg Extension/Curl, Seated Calf, Glute Ham Bench & Plate Loaded Glute Drive


    RAZE Shadow Series Rehab/Prehab Storage unit with Branding


    Gungnir Allrounder Olympic Bars


    Rebound Walls


    Cardio: Wattbike Atom, RAZE Renegade Airbike & Concept Ski Erg


    Keiser FT

    The Result

    By maximising every inch of space, coaches can now deliver elite-level training sessions with ease. The carefully planned flow and design of the spaces ensures that each piece of equipment has a home, and every station provides optimal functionality and complements neighbouring equipment. These facilities showcase how gym design can elevate coaching and performance.

    Our bespoke solutions not only addressed Tottenham Hotspur’s challenges but also enhanced their training facilities, aligned with the club’s elite status in the football world.



    What did Tottenham look for when selecting suppliers & partners?

    The biggest thing we look for is to make it as bespoke as possible to what we are after. That is what set Indigo apart from other suppliers. The best thing about it is that we could make it very customisable to what we wanted. We wanted a football gym that when people walked in they are impressed by things they haven’t seen before, methods of work and different bits of equipment. That’s the biggest thing about it, it was completely customisable and bespoke to what we wanted as a football club.

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