Location: Wishaw, Scotland
Training Space: Leisure Centre
Website: www.activenl.co.uk/wishaw-sports-centre

Extraordinary transformation of Wishaw Sports Centre’s gym. Collaborating with North Lanarkshire Council, IndigoFitness have refreshed this facility to offer an entirely new and enhanced gym experience for members.

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The Situation

The brief from North Lanarkshire Council on the Wishaw Sports Centre site was to support them on two main gym design challenges.

  1. To create a contemporary gym space that resonates with the current market trends while ensuring inclusivity for their diverse member base. Striking a balance between modern gym design and training equipment and the specific needs and preferences of older members.
  2. To expand the free weights and functional training area across a sub-floor that was not initially designed for these activities. This challenge called for innovative solutions to optimise space, equipment placement, and functionality within the existing constraints.

The Solution

IndigoFitness were selected to deliver this project after a formal tender process.

Using the skillset and experience of our Sales Manager and Technical Design team, we successfully transformed the first North Lanarkshire Council gym space, utilising custom colouring, creative gym space design and vibrant flooring.

We were able to craft bespoke solutions to create an on-trend, upmarket atmosphere while ensuring the functionality required by the members. This approach not only met current trends but also resonated with the target audience, creating an inviting and visually appealing environment.

To extend the free weight and functional training spaces, our install Project Manager and team worked collaboratively to devise a solution for upgrading the subfloor. The process involved the removal of a raised access floor, relocation of electrical supplies, and the installation of rubber flooring protective tiles. This innovative approach enabled the desired expansion while maintaining the necessary structural integrity and safety measures.

 Throughout the project, we maintained a focus on striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. By retaining the required functionality, the gym space continued to meet the needs of its members, ensuring a seamless transition from the previous layout to the new, vibrant design.

Wishaw Sports Centre 141
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Flooring Solutions:


Fitness Monster Eco Black/Blue Fleck


Bespoke graphix platforms

Equipment Solutions:


RAZE Shadow XD Full Racks and attachments


RAZE Iso Lever Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Leg Press, Seated Row, Lat Pull-Down


RAZE Olympic Hack Squat


RAZE Custom storage (Warm up, physio/rehab and free-weight)


RAZE Adjustable benches


RAZE Strength equipment – PU DB’s, Rubber Hex DB’s, Bumper plates, Rubber grip plates, Med Balls, Slam Balls, Kettlebells, Soft 3 in 1 Plyo Box, Barbells, PWR Bags, Battle Ropes, Power Bands


Concept2 BikeErg and Rower


RAZE Renegade Air Bike

The Result

North Lanarkshire Council customers now have access to some of the best free weight and functional training spaces not only in the local authority sector but in Scotland.

We really hope that our new training space at Wishaw Sports Centre is going to give our new and loyal customers an amazing health and fitness experience. As a local authority we have a goal of achieving everyone getting more active more often. We believe that the investment we have put into the facility has allowed us to maximise the experience members will have here. Also give our staff the potential to create really exciting and engaging fitness programmes that will help members reach their goals and also introduce new members to fitness.”

Hear from Nichola Mclachlan, Health and Fitness Development Manager at North Lanarkshire Council

What do North Lanarkshire Council look for when selecting suppliers & partners?

At NLC, we look for a partners who can get on board with our vision. As a local authority facility we need to be inclusive, we want to be accessible, but we also want to create spaces that are attractive and competitive in the fitness environment. Finding a supplier that can get on board with our vision and work well with our team to create this is absolutly key to us.

What challenges were IndigoFitness able to help you overcome?

Here at NLC we work across an ageing estate. We work with complex, older buildings, so having a supplier who can build kit bespoke to those spaces really allows us to maximise the facilities and the space that our customers can use. Having the flexibility to look at the space and build the kit around it allows us to create the most positive environment that we can for fitness.

How does the layout of the gym impact the customer experience?

Having zones in our spaces was really key to us, we have over 4,00 members across our facilities. Having zones that are specific to functional training, free weight training and having good gym flooring within our facilities ensures our customer experience is good and that customers can access equipment at busy times.

How was the process of working with IndigoFitness?

The process of working with Indigo has been great from start to finish. Working with our teams within each facility has really allowed us to build a space that’s put our staff and members at the forefront. Having the flexibility throughout the design process to change and adapt as we work through the refurbishment plan has really created a space that is specific to our environment and give us the best possible result at the end.

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