Writtle University

College Health Hub

Location: Essex, England
Training Space: University College
Website: https://writtle.ac.uk/

Established in 1893, Writtle University College (WUC) is one of the oldest specialist institutions in the UK. WUC has a history for achieving excellence and want recognition as a market leader. The goal for this project was to create a world class training space to attract talent and build on their award-winning alumni that have gone on to become leaders in competitive sport and health related exercise.

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The Situation

Writtle University College came to IndigoFitness at the beginning of the project to design and kit out their University Health Hub gym. The Health Hub is the centre of the University’s sport and health offering. The vision was to create a world class training space to teach the fundamentals of strength & conditioning and allow students to excel their learning experiences. Giving them access to the best kit in the industry in an elite setting. The space identified was a disused storage facility which posed a number of design challenges due to structural pillars, low ceiling heights and damaged sub-floors.

The Solution

The university engaged with IndigoFitness right from the start so we were able to work together on the layout and design and manufacture tailor-made equipment to perfectly fit the space.

Choosing the right flooring system was an integral part of the facility design due to the damaged existing sub-floor. Indigo Fitness worked with the client to resolve any sub-floor issues and a 32mm industry leading performance floor was specified in order to provide protecting to this sub-floor and the equipment. The duraTRAIN flooring also provides substantial acoustic dampening which was a key consideration with classes taking place in adjacent rooms.

As an education facility, there was a requirement for the space to be open, allowing the lecturers to teach but also keep eyes on students at the same time. In order to maximise floor space for classes a bespoke and custom rig was installed which negated the challenges faced by structural pillars and low ceiling heights. The rig incorporated a double sided storage system allowing access to both sides of the facility allowing classes to run simultaneously without interruption.

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Flooring Solutions:


The rehab space features PaviEco flooring. This is environmentally friendly rubber gym flooring that is produced from 100% recycled materials. The best sustainable solution for the gym.


All lifting areas are covered by 32mm DuraTRAIN performance tiles. These are perfect for protecting the sub-floor from weights being dropped as well as the bars and bumpers being used by students and external parties.

Equipment Solutions:


Bespoke & custom rig with monkey bars , lifting stations, grapplers and multiple pull up stimulus with integrated custom storage.


Custom graphic platforms.


Various RAZE plate loaded machines including leg extension and leg press. All with bespoke upholstery with branding.


Glute Ham Developer (GHD)


RAZE Strength equipment – including PU dumbbells, PU Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Soft Plyometric Boxes, Olympics bars and Bumpers.


Compact dual adjustable pulley.


Kbox flywheel system.

The Result

IndigoFitness took a disused space within an education facility and revolutionised it into a world class training space. The training space is a vocal point to the whole facility and will allow Writtle University College to market themselves to upcoming students but now also attract external parties such as NHS and local rehab clinics, acting as a key revenue stream for the University.

Hear from WRITTLE Lecturer and S&C Coach

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