Training Boxes

Single Container Training Solutions

The RAZE Training Box range covers a variety of solutions based around the use of a single container, from simple 10′ storage solutions (Kit Boxes) through to our fully deployable team training solution (Tactical Boxes) that can accommodate up to 120 athletes at any one time.
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Kit Boxes

The RAZE Kit Box is a simple storage solution – it comes in both 10′ and 20′ and is fitted out with wall to wall storage bays that will take care of all your equipment storage needs. To maximise the available space inside the container we utilise a side opening system, which can either be a side opening roller shutter or side opening container doors.

Functional Boxes

Simple but effective, the Functional Box is a clever evolution of the Kit Box, adding a variety of training stations in a unique and effective way. With roller shutter doors and fold-out racks the Functional Box is ready for use in a matter of minutes and includes a wide range of attachments, such as grapplers, punchbags and rope hoops. Inside the container the back wall is fitted with storage bays and loaded with equipment – creating numerous functional training possibilities. We also offer a flooring zone that can be attached to the front of the Box – incorporating a cushioned turf training surface – that creates a safe and effective training environment.

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The ideal team training solution, the RAZE Tactical Box provides the base for functional, movement based training for sporting and military personnel. Developed using ISO containers, the Tactical Box can be safely shipped to any destination in the world. All the training equipment, including the rig and climbing station is stored inside, and can be built up and ready for action in as little as 45 minutes. All training framework is galvanised for all weather protection.

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