Mobile Training Pod

Weighing in at under 3200kg is the patent-pending RAZE Mobile Training POD (MTP)

The Mobile Training Pod offers a truly portable outdoor training experience (Including military air portability). It is a highly effective, compact trailer gym platform that is scalable and can be deployed, ready to use in minutes. The pod contains a broad mix of strength & conditioning, fitness maintenance, pre-activation and recovery equipment

After initial research it became evident we couldn’t just add gym features to a standard box trailer or Horsebox, so we decided to design and build our own system from a twin axle flatbed trailer including robust stabilizing legs to lock the trailer to the land.

Indigo Fitness first developed the concept for the RAZE MTP (Mobile Training Pod) to meet a UK military requirement.

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TL 02.r3 TrailerLocker Storage Render 4
TL 02.r3 TrailerLocker Storage Render 3


Weight was a major design consideration, the maximum permissible towing weight on UK roads is 3500kg, utilizing traditional 10ft ISO Containers as a Trailer mounted platform was quickly dismissed as too heavy and impractical. We needed to constantly track weight and utilize as many light materials and parts as possible, we couldn’t reduce the weight of Bars,Discs,Kettlebells and other equipment items. This required both aluminium and stainless steel materials to be incorporated as well as insulation panels for the box.

One of the most inspired innovations was to design the Box frame to include a vertical rail system that would provide further structural integrity whilst creating attachment points for a multitude of accessories and configurations, mirrored inside for storage. This allowed for a Patent application to be filed. Previous trailer type gyms either included sliding Racks that pulled out from the Box interior wasting internal storage space or rotating out adding to the width and always exposed to weather. Both of these solutions required Racks to be permanently fixed to the Box Body.

Rather than incorporating a standard Rack design we approached the MTP in a different way making attachments longer which also reduced weight and structure. Bar Hooks and safety spot arms are almost twice as long as conventional Lifting racks and a user has to fit these anyway on similar products


all equipment and attachments have a specific location for them to be locked down during transportation especially important to the military where Air Mobility certification is required.

An Internal locker is included for the storage for transport of essential load apparatus, Lifting eye’s, a portable Generator and it’s Fuel.

As well as fixed equipment points locking storage bins are included for small equipment items

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Mobile Training Pod Features

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We finished the spec off by adding in Bluetooth speakers and Amplifiers to make a noise and announce the presence of the RAZE MTP.
Air flow
Side and front air vents push fresh air into the box along with a Marine grade clear hatch that also lets in natural light.
There is little point lighting the training space without some form of overhead protection mainly for rain and bright sunlight, so we have included detachable awnings that wind out to 2.2m creating a viable protected Training space. The winding arm is stored in the front bulkhead box. Awnings are removable and store inside the Box, clamping into position on the Trailer sides when required.
Training surface
We include 1m x 0.5m connected 30mm Rubber tiles within the standard specification bringing a safe, predictable Lifting surface that will also stop Bars and Bumper plates getting damaged as they could be lifting on concrete or tarmac.
Trailer Floor
Lined with a 10mm Rubber floor for safety.
Towing stability
Balanced Load distribution and a low centre of gravity with a low nose weight were important for a safe and predictable towing experience by SUV or Pickup.
Training stability
4 Heavy duty winding Jacking Legs lift the trailer off its wheels once in position eliminating movement during Training. Levelling bubbles are permanently fitted to each corner to ensure the Trailer is jacked and levelled to the correct height. The Jacking Legs are stored in a locker at the front of the exterior bulkhead.
Rear Ramp
Rather than doors a Gas spring assisted anti-slip Ramp was designed making equipment removal and storage safe and simple. As we include HIIT cardio within the specification wheeling this equipment in and out needed to be considered as well as small equipment and accessories. The Ramp also provides an ideal angled surface for using Suspension Trainers and Olympic rings.
Step attachments

Provide access to mount high accessories and awnings

Deflector plates
To reduce the risk of trailer damage from low lying trees or branches steel deflector plates are fitted to the box corners.
Large uncluttered side,rear and front panels provide scope for many colour and branding options.
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How does it work?

  • Drive into the desired location and detach towing vehicle
  • Fit Jacking Legs then stabilize and level
  • Plug-in power source if available
  • Drop rear ramp
  • Fit awnings and deploy
  • Land exterior Floor tiles
  • Roll out Benches and Cardio equipment
  • Fit accessories and clamp into position, no tools required
  • Add Training equipment
  • Turn on lights, connect to Bluetooth make a noise then TRAIN
  • Reverse the process then drive away

The standard MTP includes the following kit

1 x Renegade Rower

1 x Renegade Air Bike

2 x Half Racks with J-Hooks & Safety spot arms

3 x Pull-up Bars

6 x vertical attachment rails

Dip attachment

1 x Hex Trap Bar

240kg Training Plates

10 x Change Plates

2 x Oly.bars

3 x Pairs Collars

2 x Folding Flat/Incline/Decline Benches

1 x Olympic Ring Set

2 x Rubber Kettlebell Sets – 12,16,20,24 & 28kg

2 x 20kg Weighted Vests


5 x 5’ Mobility sticks

12 x DC Lifting Blocks

10 x Power Bands.

7 x Foam Rollers

6 x Exercise Mats

16 x 30mm x 1m x 0.5m Rubber Tiles with connection plates

2 x Bluetooth Speaker attachment

A2 Whiteboard


The RAZE MTP has been designed with multi-modal Transportation in mind it has integrated Fork-lift pockets, Trailer mounted Lifting eyes as well as fixed lashing points whether for securing to other trailers, Aircraft or Ship decks.
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4350mm Length (for transportation)

6240mm Length (Ramp down)

2075mm Width (for transportation)

6315mm Width ( with Awnings deployed)

2790mm Height (for Transportation without Awnings fitted)

2832mm Height (Use) [With Awnings mounted]

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