Deployable Training Pods

A truly mobile training system developed to support the British Army’s Physical Training System. The Raze Deployable Training Pod (DTP) is the ideal solution where space and transport logistics present challenges.


The RAZE Training Box range covers a variety of solutions based around the use of a single container, from simple 10′ storage solutions (Kit Boxes) through to our fully deployable team training solution (Tactical Boxes) that can accommodate upto 120 athletes at any one time.


Take outdoor training to the next level with the RAZE Athlete Training Facility (ATF). Much more than just a container based training solution – benefiting from climate controlled containers, a covered outdoor training space with real gym flooring, lighting and a host of other features – it’s a uniquely created, modular training space that’s suitable for deployment in any environment, anywhere in the world!

See the facility we created at ATC Pirbright