Virtually indestructible, duraTRAIN rubber fitness flooring tiles are designed for a range of applications, from strength and conditioning areas to heavy use weight rooms. The result of extensive testing, engineering and a patented three-stage. compression molding process, duraTRAIN tiles are backed by a best in industry limited time warranty.


Originally developed over 10 years ago as a sophisticated, interlocking, heavy duty flooring solution, duraTRAIN tiles can now be found in a diverse and extensive range of gyms all around the world and lead the way in premium fitness flooring solutions.

The most durable gym flooring tile on the market

Superb noise and vibration reduction

Industry leading 10-year limited warranty

Seamless integration with other flooring surfaces

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

DURA 32 new 22

Why duraTRAIN?

Explore some of the innovative features that make duraTRAIN gym flooring tiles the best and most durable on the market.

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Patented, omni directional KROSLOCK mechanism locks the tiles firmly in place without the need for adhesive. This means the tiles don’t move or separate once locked in place. Additionally, duraTRAIN tiles can easily be picked up and reconfigured to fit with any changes to your gym space.

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Raised Pedestals

121 engineered, shock absorbing pedestals raise the impact surface off the sub-floor. These pedestals create pockets of air space which allow the tile to compress before releasing energy, which allows the energy to be dispersed over a much wider floor area than solid rubber tiles allow.
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High Compression Wear Layer

Fire resistant, slip resistant, and tested for over 400,000 repeated impacts with a 360kg blunt force, duraTRAIN tiles will last in even the most demanding of training environments.
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Guaranteed to Reduce Sound and Vibrations

DuraTrain gym tiles offer superior sound insulation and shock absorption, reducing vibration and sound travel both within your facility and in adjacent spaces. Independent tests have shown duraTRAIN tiles to reduce noise by 26dB, that’s 4 times quieter.

duraTRAIN In Action

“32mm duraTRAIN tiles were the perfect solution for the Wasps training facility as their durability and performance are suited perfectly to the free weight and strength and conditioning areas, allowing a consistent look throughout the gym, plus they integrated seamlessly with the lifting platform and turf areas.”



All the weightlifting lifting areas are covered by 32mm duraTRAIN performance tiles. They were ideal for protecting the sub-floor as well as the bars and bumpers.


The versatility of duraTRAIN 32mm gym flooring tiles allowed them to be used in multiple locations throughout the 10,000 sq. ft. training facility


Plus Series

The 32mm thick Plus Series tile is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber strands are used in the wear layer of the tile for increased durability and a smooth visual texture. Solid colours are achieved using specially formulated pigments.

100% recycled rubber

5 colours

High Compression Wear Layer

Fire classification EFL

Available in two colours

Premium Series

The 32mm thick Premium Series tile features exactly the same core construction as the Plus Series tile, but with the addition of a non-porous EPDM wear layer. This layer allows for more colour blends and has the ability for floor graphics and logos to be added.

27 colours

Hygienic and easy to clean

EPDM wear layer

Add logos and training markings

Fire classification CFL

Available in twenty-seven colours

Environmentally Conscious

As an industry leader in recycled products manufacturing, DuraTRAIN tiles are made in state-of-the-art facilities where continuous improvements in efficiency and responsible resource management go hand-in-hand with product quality.

100% sustainable

DuraTRAIN is sustainable in that 100% of the product can be returned to the manufacturing facility to be reprocessed and re-integrated into new products.


The DuraTRAIN manufacturing facility has implemented systems to ensure that harmful emissions are not released into the environment. Systematic air monitoring indicates that environmental emissions are less than 7% allowable limits.


duraTRAIN tiles are compatible with a variety of LEED requirements (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and can contribute to multiple LEED credits over various rating categories.

93% recycled

DuraTRAIN tiles contain up to 93% post-consumer recycled content


Around 750,000 tractor tyres a year are diverted from landfill to be manufactured into duraTRAIN tiles.

0% Waste

Production scrap is recycled back into the process. Nothing goes to waste.

flooor score

FloorScore® is the most recognised indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and under-layments. Developed by SCS with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), a leading industry trade association of flooring manufacturers and suppliers, it qualifies for many green building schemes including LEED v4.1, WELL, BREEAM, CHPS, and Green Globes.

Getting certified requires flooring products to undergo an evaluation process, which includes a review of the product’s formulation and the manufacturing site’s document control system, an onsite audit, and product emissions testing.

Performs Different Because it’s made Different

Rubber flooring is an integral part of a gym floor, and although most rubber solutions may look the same, differences in raw materials and manufacturing processes will have an impact on the performance and longevity of your gym floor and any equipment you use on it.

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Manufactured using a proprietary three stage compression molding process unlike any other flooring system in the world – each tile is compressed from three different directions ensuring maximum quality.

This unique process allows the top wear layer of the system to be compression molded to a significantly higher density. While the impact pedestals on the underside of the tile are less dense?? So they can still offer shock absorption properties.

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DuraTRAIN uses only the highest quality raw materials provided by the premier suppliers in the rubber and polyurethane industries. All materials are certified to meet or exceed stringent specifications and all raw materials are catalogued through retailed samples for quality control purposes.

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DuraTRAIN tiles are 100% made by machine, meaning each tile can stay longer in the presses, ultimately making them stronger. Utilising the latest in process analytics and HMI (Human Machine Interface) control technology, every aspect of the manufacturing process is closely monitored and tightly controlled within the framework of ISO9001:2008.

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The End Result

Simply put, DuraTRAIN tiles are created through the most sophisticated manufacturing process within the rubber gym tile industry. When you install DuraTRAIN in your training space, you are installing a gym floor that was manufactured under the strictest of controls to deliver a consistent training surface that will last. Raw materials are precisely weighed, temperatures and humidity are computer controlled, and all mixing, levelling, and molding are completed robotically so that each and every tile performs to the same exacting high standards.


We recommend that IndigoFitness’ trained installers are used because the accuracy, consistency, reliability and performance of duraTRAIN can only be guaranteed if it’s installed correctly.
Do i need duraTRAIN gym flooring?

If you are thinking about having a weightlifting or free weights area in your gym you should definitely consider duraTRAIN gym flooring


As a quick guide to roughly work out how many tiles may be required, we use 2.76 tiles per square metre.

We carry the duraTRAIN plus tile in black as a stock item with all other colours being available in around 6 weeks.
Can i get a free sample?

Certainly, just complete the form below and we’ll despatch it to you within 24 hours

It depends on the size and layout of the room, but generally we only use adhesive where essential, for example, on the ramp edges.

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