Five Things To Try At PerformX This Week

Published: 18 Mar, 2024
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Five Things To Try At PerformX This Week

This year PerformX Live is the unmissable business of fitness event. Set against the vibrant backdrop of London’s Tobacco Dock on March 21-22, PerformX Live is ‘The Epicenter of Fitness Evolution’, where industry leaders and visionaries will gather to shape the future of fitness.

Founding partner, IndigoFitness is proud to be part of the show bringing solutions and innovation to the forefront. Contributing to the conversation on longevity and recovery and what this could look like on the gym floor – the central themes of this year’s event. Also ‘flexible studios’ enhancing the full potential of a studio space. 

Here’s a round up of what you can expect if you enter the IndigoFitness room.

Five Things To Do In The IndigoFitness Room At PerformX This Week

#1: Optimise your Studio

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Across the UK, millions are joining group sessions not only for a good workout but to acquire new skills and forge connections. Is your studio as flexible as it could be?

IndigoFitness create flexible studio spaces that transition between strength, HIIT, combat, cycle, yoga, and every conceivable revenue-generating class—all within one adaptable environment.

In the pursuit of studio optimisation in 2024, don’t just offer a workout but an immersive experience. Let your studio be the focal point of diversity, attracting members with a range of preferences.

IndigoFitness will be showcasing a flexible studio environment that implements multi-use gym studio class concepts. Bring a new level of excitement and experience to your classes!

#2: Is there dedicated RECOVERY ON your GYM FLOOR?

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Consider this: where do your clients recover after their workout? Are they in the way? Do they jump straight in the car? Or do you offer a designated recovery space within your facility?

In 2024, the fitness landscape is evolving to meet the holistic needs of individuals who seek not only intense training sessions but a lifestyle approach to wellness. Recognising recovery as an integral aspect of the training space is key to unlocking your clients’ full potential, enhancing performance, and minimising the risk of injuries.


At PerformX Live IndigoFitness will showcase how recovery on the gym floor could look. Make sure to come in for a demo on this new concept that revolutionises the way we perceive recovery.

FYI: We recently released a white paper exploring the transformative role of recovery in the fitness industry. You can download the white paper here.

#3: Experience Les Mills Workouts Like Never Before

LesMills AKL Functional Studio Multi Equip 1417 RGB

IndigoFitness and Les Mills recently announced a strategic partnership to revolutionise fitness studios across the UK.

At the core of this partnership is a shared commitment to optimising studio environments to their fullest potential. IndigoFitness and Les Mills recognise the challenges faced by fitness clubs in incorporating diverse equipment and maximising space efficiency while delivering dynamic and engaging classes. Together, they aim to address these challenges, changing the way fitness studios operate and ensuring an unparalleled experience for members.

At PerformX Live, the Les Mills Experience will showcase these brand new modern classes using the IndigoFitness studio solution.

If you would like to get involved – the sessions will shortly be live on the PerformX app to book. Or you can contact us to get booked on.

#4: DEMO The Collar-Free Gym

PerformX Indigo 67

Did you know switching to collar-free gym equipment not only increases safety by 78% but also boosts member satisfaction.

Sindre Rein, Sales Manager @ Gungnir will be in the IndigoFitness room to discuss these results and how it can benefit gym owners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Every bar from Gungnir will be available to test and demo in the IndigoFitness room.

#5: Design Your Dream Gym Space


 Since 1996, IndigoFitness has been designing and delivering exceptional training spaces that provide outstanding results for gyms and their members.

The expert team will be on site to create live gym designs at the show,  for those looking to transform a training space.

Want to get booked in for a free gym design consultation? Fill out this form: Book a consultation now.

Join IndigoFitness in Room QS 7

IndigoFitness welcomes you to room QS 7 where the future of fitness awaits. Engage with industry experts, experience cutting-edge solutions, and unlock the potential of your fitness business.

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