Transforming Fitness Experiences: Discovering the Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer

Published: 9 Nov, 2023
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Transforming Fitness Experiences: Discovering the Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer

IndigoFitness x Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer Partnership

We had been looking for a premium suspension training solution that would allow IndigoFitness to differentiate from competitor products. Standard suspension trainers essentially do the same job it’s only the quality that separate them.

As IndigoFitness look to reinvent training spaces, including redefining Group X studio’s for the future. We needed a suspension trainer of outstanding quality and load capacity (150kg) that could endure constant use, could be permanently mounted, and retract overhead when not in use. Decluttering training spaces and small equipment storage is challenging so utilising height makes sense however, the suspension trainer would therefore need to lower down into exercise positions and have a longer range than any competitor. The Recoil S2, a patented suspension trainer, emerged as the perfect fit. The Recoil S2 has a head-to-toe adjustment range, constructed using a stainless steel mechanism, touch points and sleek design.

“The Recoil S2 ticks all the boxes and looks like a high-spec piece of small equipment, now with defined locations in the spaces that we create.” says Rob Coleman, Managing Director at IndigoFitness. The Recoil is fixed in place eliminating theft concerns and avoids the hassle of wrap webbing around posts or bars. Albeit the Recoil does have this option when a permanent location plate can’t be fixed.

We have also designed rail carriers to hang the Recoil to be stored in one area and then deployed to the training zone as required in low numbers or if dedicated larger group suspension classes are still scheduled.

Enhanced functionality was a key consideration in choosing the Recoil S2. Both straps are always of the same length, eliminating the need for constant adjustments during workouts. The Recoil button allows for swift and satisfying strap height changes between exercises.

To complement the Recoil S2, IndigoFitness has developed various mounting options, including ceiling, rig, rack, functional storage, and wall fixing, bringing order to the traditionally disorganised nature of suspension training.

Recoil, founded a decade ago by British Army veteran and engineer Bob Bowles, has found a fitting partner in IndigoFitness. The collaboration not only introduces a cutting-edge suspension trainer but also proudly supports military veterans as they transition into civilian life.

For more information, please get in touch.

The New Recoil S2 is now available to purchase online. You can find more information on the Recoil suspension trainer here.

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