IndigoFitness Welcomes Chris Parr as New Regional Sales Manager

Published: 30 Apr, 2024
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We’re thrilled to introduce Chris Parr, our newest Regional Sales Manager, bringing a fresh wave of enthusiasm and expertise to the IndigoFitness team.

We sat down with Chris to get to know him better.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a fitness & sport enthusiast, from Bedfordshire. Rugby is my main passion, alongside coffee and pastries. I love being active, training and coaching frequently outside of work. I have a French bulldog called Odie, so when I’m not coaching, I’ll be out walking him or taking him to the local coffee shop.

And your background in the fitness industry?

I’ve spent 13 years as an active coach, mainly in rugby and performance sport. I started working in commercial health clubs in 2020. I’m still an active rugby coach, as well as strength & conditioning coach. A lot of my experiences are on the consumer and product side of the fitness industry, focusing on Personal Training, Small Group PT and Group Exercise classes.

What areas of fitness and wellness are you most passionate about? 

As an active coach & avid sports person, specialising in strength & conditioning, I’m most passionate about using training as a vehicle to drive performance and success in an athlete’s chosen discipline. I’m also passionate about coaching and how quality coaching is key to having a successful product, when it comes to running a gym and business.

What trends or developments in the fitness industry are you most excited about? 

HYROX. I love what they’re doing in the fitness space and how the brand is growing. They’ve created a community, using an event, that appeals to a large audience. I also think wearable tech will continue to play a big part in shaping exercise experience at commercial health clubs, providing data to underpin sports performance, as well as how general populations track their progress and consume fitness.

What’s your favourite training method?

As you might have gathered, resistance training is my favourite method of training. I also love cycling and have an ongoing love-hate relationship with running.

Do you have any events or challenges coming up this year?

I have 4=four HYROX events planned for the next year, all of which are doubles. Some are based here in the UK and one in Dubai (If all goes to plan!)

I’m sure I’ll continue to get out on the bike for enjoyment in between HYROX preparation.

If you would like to connect with Chris to explore how IndigoFitness can elevate your training space, please get in touch.

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