Published: 5 Aug, 2021
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Indigo installs one of its latest innovations, the Deployable Training Pod, for the UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation’s Export Support Team at their product showcase in Larkhill.

The UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) helps the UK defence and security industry with export opportunities in established and developing markets.  Within this, the purpose of the Export Support Team (EST) is to provide specialist military services and advice.  The EST comprises of serving military personnel with a wide range of expertise and is staffed by regular officers and senior NCO’s from the British Army.  Collectively they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience both in training and on operations.  The EST is a unique and intrinsic part of the UKTI DSO.

The Deployable Training Pod (DTP) is a truly mobile training system developed to support the British Army’s Physical Training System.  It’s the ideal solution where space and transport logistics present challenges – a single DTP can easily be carried by two people and will fit in the back of an SUV.

The EST showcase is located within a large hangar at Horne Barracks, Larkhill (near Salisbury, Wiltshire).  The hangar has been transformed by the EST into realistic sets from different warfare areas – desert, jungle, urban and rural, with the DTP sitting within the Afghan zone to provide some context as an operational product.  The showcase is visited every year by key military personnel from across the world.  It’s an ideal platform for IndigoFitness to promote its British manufactured products.

IndigoFitness Managing Director Rob Coleman comments, “to have serving UK Military personnel from the EST, who are not our salespeople, demonstrate and present our products when hosting visits from both UK and foreign delegations is unique.  They provide impartial insights to product solutions that delegates may not otherwise get exposed to and impart knowledge they can take back to their own units”. 

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