IndigoFitness Official Performance Partner for British Army Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Published: 14 Jul, 2023
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IndigoFitness is excited to announce we have signed a sponsorship agreement in support of British Army Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), the largest and most popular martial art in the Army and Defence. This is a landmark contract and the first time an Army Martial Art has been sponsored. 

 “BJJ participation has boomed over the last few years and the Army BJJ global reach and reputation when coupled with the generous financial backing provided by IndigoFitness will enable many more opportunities for our athletes to compete and succeed at elite events both on the international and national stage.”

Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Dave Campey MBE, Secretary Army Martial Arts

In addition Lt Col (MAA) Mark Field, RAPTC  Chair, Army Judo Association echo’s:

A huge thank you from all the team here. Army BJJ are going from strength to strength, and Indigo’s generosity will certainly impact positively towards this continued trajectory, its future success and the wider profile of Army Sport and BJJ. A win-win for all.”

IndigoFitness will be working closely with Lt.Col Shamus Kelly OBE, Army BJJ Lead and the Army team who are now able to fight at the IBJJF World Masters Championship in August 2023 in Las Vegas following IndigoFitness offer of support.

IndigoFitness Managing Director Rob Coleman adds:

Our sponsorship goes beyond the financial as we will be bringing wider support through our sports science technology to benefit the army team as well, something they will not of seen before. This will include digital movement screening able to predict the likelihood of injury allowing the opportunity for mitigation prior to the competition in Vegas. Indigo are able to leverage our wide capability and knowledge not just gained as an MOD approved contractor but what we have learned from operating in elite sport over the past 25 years.”

BJJ is a ground-based fighting system designed to neutralise a physically bigger and stronger opponent. The ability to control and neutralise the threat posed by an adversary without causing them long term harm makes it a highly desirable capability for soldiers, with many Army units training regularly. Jiu-Jitsu is also a highly competitive combat sport, it applies the takedowns and throws from wrestling and judo and combines them with a complex ground fighting system particularly useful to soldiers in close combat situations.

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