Published: 5 Aug, 2021
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The IndigoFitness showroom has undergone a complete revamp and is now open for clients to visit, to come and see and test out our equipment and flooring solutions.  As well as a showroom, it was always intended to be a working gym for our staff, so we approached the design exactly as we would do for a client and created a space that was as flexible as possible whilst offering a wide range of training and storage options.

With the flooring we really wanted to show off an integrated, single level, flooring solution comprised of multiple flooring types.  We chose the 32mm duraTRAIN in the strength areas, the perfect choice for reducing noise and vibrations, 10mm PaviFLEX in the cardio and stretching area, and a 10m artificial track lane down the centre of the room.  The weightlifting areas feature integrated ‘graphix’ platform centres, which allow full colour graphic designs and offer the chance for branding and colour schemes to be incorporated into the flooring.

The training equipment gave us a chance to demonstrate our design and manufacturing capabilities, and we opted for a large, single construction that contains a monster rig spanning the width of the room, two elite half racks and integrated storage system.  We designed it to fit perfectly within its environment and make the best use of space, whist catering for a wide range of training activities, and providing a place to store all accessory equipment.  It was all finished in clear lacquer, to give an industrial feel, with highlights of electric blue to tie in with the branding theme.

In addition to being a working gym and a client showroom, it’s a place for us to test our innovative new product developments to make sure they meet the high standards we set before launching them, so we’ll be refreshing the product mix and training options regularly.  We’ll also be using the space for educational seminars and workshops.

If you want to come and visit our showroom, please call 01455 890 100 or e-mail to book a slot.

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