IndigoFitness SPONSOR The British Army Warrior Fitness Final

Published: 5 Jan, 2023
Categories: News

IndigoFitness were delighted to sponsor the British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) Finals at the end of last year.

The BAWF competition is a military physical fitness competition that supports and encourages military fitness training in accordance with AGAI Physical Training. It is designed to incorporate varied exercises which all have relevance to the Army Physical Training System. The aim is to find the “Fittest in the Army” in each category stated below.

The finals were held at one of the strength and conditioning shelters Indigo created for the Army School of Physical Training

Staff Sergeant and Indigo Athlete Charlotte Spence and Staff Sergeant Alex Rees have earned the right to proudly call themselves the British Army’s fittest soldiers for 2022 season. They have gone further, faster, higher and longer than any other soldier in this year’s BAWFF challenge.

It was a pleasure to watch the finals – take a look at the workouts from the day.


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