Four Strategies to Reimagine Leisure Centre Gyms

Published: 27 Jul, 2023
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Are you looking for strategies to keep your leisure centre gym relevant?

Leisure centre gyms have long been a cornerstone of community fitness, providing accessible opportunities for individuals to stay active and healthy. However, as fitness trends evolve, it becomes crucial for leisure centres to reimagine their gym spaces to remain relevant and appealing to a diverse audience. By incorporating innovative design, advanced technology, and member-focused services, leisure centre gyms can transform into vibrant fitness hubs that inspire and empower all demographics in their communities.

A recent example of such transformation is seen in our renovation of North Lanarkshire Council’s, Wishaw Sports Centre gym.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how this project showcases four key strategies to reimagine leisure centre gyms and elevate their appeal.

Here are our four strategies to reimagine leisure centre gyms:

#1: Embrace Contemporary Design Trends and Inclusivity

The first challenge in this renovation was to create a contemporary gym space that aligned with current market trends while ensuring inclusivity for a diverse member base. We struck a balance between modern design and equipment, catering to the specific needs and preferences of all members. The result was an inviting environment that resonated with gym-goers of all ages and backgrounds.

#2: Custom Solutions for On-Trend Appeal

We leveraged our expertise to craft bespoke solutions, filling the gym with an on-trend and upmarket atmosphere. The clever utilisation of custom colour schemes, creative gym space design, and vibrant flooring brought new life to the facility. By incorporating these personalised elements, the gym became an appealing destination for fitness enthusiasts.

#3: Optimising Functional Training Spaces

We used innovative solutions to overcome the challenge of expanding the free weights and functional training areas within existing constraints. The collaborative efforts of our install team resulted in a successful subfloor upgrade. The process involved the removal of a raised access floor, relocation of electrical supplies, and the installation of rubber flooring protective tiles. This approach enabled the desired expansion of training spaces, while maintaining the necessary structural integrity and safety measures.

#4: Combining Aesthetics and Functionality

Throughout the project, we maintained a meticulous focus on achieving a blend of aesthetics and functionality. By ensuring the gym retained its essential features and functionality, members experienced a seamless transition from the old layout to the new, vibrant design. This balanced approach elevated the gym’s overall appeal and catered to the diverse needs of its members.

The Result:

North Lanarkshire Council’s customers now have access to some of the best free weight and functional training spaces, not just within the local authority sector, but across Scotland. The newly reimagined gym space offers an exceptional health and fitness experience, motivating both new and old members to achieve their fitness goals. With this investment, the gym’s staff has the potential to curate exciting and engaging fitness programs, fostering a community that embraces an active and healthy lifestyle.

Wishaw Sports Centre’s gym is an inspiration for leisure centres everywhere. To thrive in the evolving fitness landscape, leisure centre gyms must embrace reimagining their spaces. By staying on-trend, embracing inclusivity, and combining aesthetics with functionality, they can create fitness experiences for members of all ages.

Check out the full Wishaw Sport’s Centre case study >>>

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