How to create a professional football clubs gym

Published: 22 Aug, 2023
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How to create a professional football clubs gym

Over the years, strength and conditioning in football has made significant progress. When it comes to creating a professional football clubs gym, the design and functionality of the gym is key.

The process requires expertise, careful planning, and collaboration. A well-designed gym can play a crucial role in enhancing the physical performance and overall well-being of players.

With our experience in gym design, we’ve got you covered. We’ve recently worked with Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Leyton Orient F.C and Bromley F.C. to create state-of-the-art performance gyms.

In this blog, we’re sharing a step-by-step process to create a gym that caters to the unique needs of a football club and its players.

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Step 1: Seek Professional Expertise

At the first instance book a design consultation with ourselves. From the earliest stages we can collaborate with coaches, architects and interior designers who specialise in designing sports facilities. Our expertise can help ensure that your gym design meets the highest standards and caters to athletes’ needs.

Step 2: Define Your Goals and Vision

Before beginning your gym creation journey, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your goals and vision. During our consultation process, we determine the purpose of the gym, whether it’s for training, recovery, or both. Consider the specific requirements of football players and coaches, including strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, technology integrations, agility drills, and injury prevention.

Step 3: Assess Available Space

Assess the available floor space for the gym. This should be somewhere within the football club’s training facility. We ensure the space is sufficient to accommodate different workout zones, equipment, and amenities while maintaining a high performance training environment.

Step 4: Plan the Layout

Design the layout of the gym with the players’ needs in mind. Create distinct zones for various training activities, such as strength training, cardiovascular exercises, agility drills, and recovery. We ensure a seamless flow between these zones to optimise the floor space and overall training experience.

Step 5: Select Appropriate Gym Equipment

Working closely with the strength & conditioning coaches, we choose gym equipment that caters to football-specific training. Including lifting racks, rigs, storage solutions, relevant strength kit, recovery, and cardio machines. Clever product integration and custom kit allow us to maximise the training modalities whilst keeping floor space.

Step 6: Incorporate Recovery Areas

Recognize the importance of recovery for athletes. Designate spaces for recovery including prehab and rehab techniques. Consider adding features like ice baths, saunas, and cryotherapy chambers to aid in post-training recovery.

Step 7: Create a Motivating Environment

We incorporate custom branding elements that align with the football club’s identity. Display team colours, logos, and motivational quotes to create an inspiring atmosphere. The environment should motivate athletes to push to their limits and achieve their goals.

Step 8: Implement Technology

Integrate technology that enhances the training experience. This could include performance technology such as Velocity Based Training to measure and prescribe strength training and Heart Rate Training to monitor training intensity. We have begun to focus our manufacturing more on integrating the above performance technology within our racks, rigs and gym designs for modern training spaces.

Step 9: Ensure Safety

Prioritise safety by using appropriate gym flooring in the different training zones. Utilise storage so that every piece of equipment has a home and floor space is clean. The gym should be a place where players feel both challenged and secure.

Step 10: InstallATION

After consultations and design phases are complete, we reach the final and most important part of the process. Turning the discussions, designs, and decisions into reality. From gym flooring through to each piece of equipment, our professional and experienced installers guarantee a high standard. quality result, delivered as promised and right first time.

Regularly assess the gym equipment, layout, and athlete feedback to make necessary improvements and adjustments.

Transforming Leyton Orient Football Club from start to finish

A great example of a project from start to finish is newly promoted Leyton Orient Football Club.

Working closely with Jack, Head of Physical Performance & Ketan, Head of Performance and Medicine we transformed an old squash court into a modern strength and conditioning facility that could support the needs of newly promoted Leyton Orient Football Club and create an environment that reflects the club’s identity and values.

From the initial gym consultation:

Through to design:

A bright future for Leyton Orient in their new facility:

The Leyton Orient Football Club’s gym transformation serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through the IndigoFitness Consultation, Design, and Installation process.

Are you creating a gym in the professional sports sector? Get in touch to discuss how we can design your dream training space.

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